Novopress – Uwe Hartig is since 1969 known as a manufacturer of high quality, which offer economic advantages by long lifetime and fast and easy handling.

The product range started with power tools for the electrical industry but grew soon: 1972 Novopress – Uwe Hartig invented the first pressing tools to connect metal pipes and fittings and was the pioneer in this area. Since this time Novopress – Uwe Hartig is the leading manufacturer of pressing tool for the pipe connecting technology.

The area of power tools for the electrical industry still grew and was developed further on. Beside the pressing of cable connectors the current main competence is the processing of bus bars for the industrial switch cabinet construction.


Busbar Center SLB 125

HSBL-2 Cutting Tools

HSBL-2 DigiPunch 160

Bending Bench BGD-5eco

Bending Bench BGD-5