RUCO, is a German company that leads the industry in printing inks that meet safety, consumer and environmental standards in the context of strict Government control requirements in the present and future period.

Our passion for ink and pursuit of perfection drives us to constantly improve and move forward.

Ruco printing ink has passed all opacity and print quality requirements of screen printing and pad printing, gravure printing and packaging printing. Suitable for different technical applications, helping customers achieve media recognition and ensuring impressive and eye-catching advertising effects.

We want to grow and accompany our customers, providing excellent solutions thereby ensuring a sustainable success.

Top service, innovative development work and distinctive high quality standards worldwide have made RUCO a recognized partner of the international printing industry.

We specialize in providing:

– Screen printing Ink

– Gravure printing Ink

– Flexographic Printing Ink

– Pad printing Ink

– Dry-offset printing Ink

– UV ink for all printing technology

RUCO ink can be applied on many kind of base materilas:   – Plastic (ABS, PP, PE, HDPE, PET, PVC….); Glass; Metal; Wood; Ceramic; Paper….

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RUCO: Responsible - Unique - Creative - Original


Responsibility has been a core value and strong foundation of our business ever since the company was established. Sustainability is therefore essential to us and is part of our corporate mission. We understand this to include the respectful interaction with business partners, employees and social surroundings, as well as the commitment to conserving natural resources and the environment.

Our passion for printing inks and pursuit of perfection drives us forward: We want to grow together with our customers, providing excellent solutions and thus ensuring sustained success.

As a leading medium-sized manufacturer and system provider of highly specialised, industrial inks for screen, flexo, pad and gravure printing, we are nationally and internationally renowned for outstanding performance, innovative products and impressive results.


Don’t be surprised if we ask you some unusual questions at times. This is because we as your professional partner for industrial inks would like learn more about you and your particular expectations and demands. And those of your customers too.

This specific knowledge enables us to create unique, innovative solutions for the most diverse fields of application in almost all industrial sectors, from the automotive industry all the way through to consumer goods industries. Nationally and worldwide.

And to top it all, we are always there for you and provide support fully in the spirit of: Printing inks made with passion


Impetus for efficient products and creative solutions – that’s what you can expect from us. We are systematically looking for new, independent and sustainable ways for you to be even more successful: We always have the bigger picture in mind. This allows us to continually improve even well-established products. Broadening perspectives opens up new opportunities. And by working together with us it allows you to be one step ahead in today’s exploration of tomorrow’s challenges.

We see ourselves as a partner who consistently studies the market, recognises opportunities and adresses customer needs, with the solutions for the future already in mind. A typical characteristic of medium-sized companies!


Forward-looking ideas, quality awareness, constantly growing expertise and the ability to overcome technological challenges are the foundations of the success story that RUCO has been writing for more than 160 years now.

Continuity and special devotion to offering pioneering and customised solutions with innovative printing inks are both challenging and motivating at the same time for us as a medium-sized company in family ownership. Based on our experience and healthy sense of realism, we are able to recognise potentials and opportunities.

Together with you we can thus develop products and systems of the highest quality.

The results today, as they always have been, are: Printing inks made with passion.

Fields of ink application

  1. Toys:

In addition to colour brilliance, the safety aspect is of the utmost importance in the colourful world of toys. To ensure that kids can happily spend the day with their favourite toys, the printing inks series used must be free from heavy metals and compliant to the current Toy Safty Directive. Moreover, very good chemical and mechanical resistances are required. Here, too, you can have implicit trust in RUCO pad printing inks.

  1. Automotive sector

Apart from technical aspects, it is in particular design considerations that play a prominent role in the car buyer’s decision. Therefore increasingly sophisticated techniques are applied in the production of dashboards and other interior design elements. But also when it comes to decorating engine parts and other technical components, the demands on the printing process as well as on screen and pad printing inks are becoming more and more exacting.

Whether for decor or functional elements, for identification or marking purposes – for each of these fields we can provide suitable printing ink series that ideally meet the high quality requirements and safety regulations of the automotive industry.

  1. Electronic / household appliances

Printing inks for decorating electronic and household appliances must meet stringent demands. The decorations and markings, applied by pad, screen or UV screen printing must resist, for example, steam and high temperatures and thus have to offer high chemical and mechanical resistances. Here, too, we can provide various printing inks series that ideally meet these requirements.

  1. Furniture industry

The furniture industry decorates a large variety of materials with all kinds of different printing methods.

Substrates include plastic materials, flat glass, metal and wood whose optical appearance has to match the furniture. This is achieved by decoration with corresponding designs; preferred printing techniques are screen, pad and gravure printing.

It is important that these printed areas are protected, especially when it comes to printed plastic elements in kitchen fronts. These are coated with special UV-curing lacquers in gravure printing, which gives the necessary protection against usual chemicals that are for instance contained in cleaning and scouring agents. Here, too, RUCO boasts long-standing experience and offers a comprehensive range of inks and protective lacquers.

  1. Bottle caps

The decoration of bottle caps made of pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene using rotary pad printing.