VMI offers premium mixing and kneading solutions for the Food, Bakery, Cosmetic, and Pharmaceutical industries. VMI‘s equipment is reliable, modular, and designed to meet your specific production needs, from laboratory and pilot units to production platforms and automated systems.

Product range

Spiral Mixers

Fork Mixers

Planetary Mixers

Automated Solutions

Sourdough Machine – Fermenter

Labotary Kneaders

Depositing, Transfering, and Food Filling

Industrial Mixers

Vacuum Homogenizers


VMI offers premium mixing and kneading solutions for bakery, pastry, and snack manufacturers. From traditional mixers for artisanal bakeries to automated production lines for the food industry, our installations are reliable, modular, and adaptable to different dough families.

Also, VMI offers mixing solutions for all the process requirements of the food, bakery, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries. Our solutions are reliable, modular, and apply to the specific rheology of your products. They also cover all types of production capacities (laboratories, pilot units, and production platforms).

Our mixers and homogenizers are designed to improve your production performance, so they ensure consistency and repeatability of products, better workstation ergonomics, traceability of batches, improved hygiene, and food safety.