In 2010 Almeco celebrates 50 years as a supplier of specialized aluminium products, starting from its early days as a supplier of reflector components for local Italian companies to its present position as a supplier to all the world’s major lighting system producers.

Almeco also operates in the renewable energy sector, providing highly reflective surfaces for the production of mirrors for solar energy generation and, through its Almeco – Tinox company, energy absorbing surfaces for the provision of hot water and heating.

Almeco’s third major business focus is decorative applications, for its bright, textured and coloured metallic surfaces etc.


The Almeco Group has always focused on the production of anodized surfaces with special finishes for application in the technical lighting sector.

find application in:
– reflectors for fluorescent lamps,halogen lamps,LED,floodlights
– reflectors for commercial or industrial use
– reflectors for street lighting and urban design                
– retrofit lighting systems
– daylighting systems
– reflective Venetian blinds
– spotlights
– display screen
– fluorescent louvers
Vega range are the reflector products:
– Vega 95, with 95% reflectance
– Vega 98, with 98% reflectance
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Pre-Anodized Aluminium
High total reflectance, ranging from 80%
for matt finished products
to 87% or more for the highest performing mirror grades

Pre-Anodized Product Brochure


“Bandoxaldecor” produced by Almeco sas is anodized aluminium the material of choice for interior decorative, designer furniture, nameplate printing,  wall-boards,suspended ceilings,decorative lighting,switches,covering plates and display stands, blending perfectly with wood,glass,ceramics..

The standard range, it’s :

 19 finishes

from mirror to matt through structured or brushed surfaces.
59 references
of incolore products (included different thicknesses in stock per finish)
36 colours + others 20 alternative hues

>>>Bandoxaldecor Brochure


Today, the Almeco Group is a leading global manufacturer of ultra-reflecting mirror layers on aluminium sheets both for concentrated solar power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) power plants and for evacuating tube collectors with compound parabolic concentration (CPC).

Almeco Group has developed, together with its Joint Venture partner TiNOX, the latest generation of highly selective absorber coatings for solar thermal collectors.

Download VegaHT-TS brochure


Vega energy and Vegaflex products allow carbon-neutral solar plants to convert solar radiation into heat and electricity at high efficiencies.

At the same time, their high-tech, ceramic protective coating makes them resistant to the extremely aggressive environmental and climate condition typical of sites for solar plants, ensuring that your plants still deliver top-notch performance even after many years of operation.

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Two factors are decisive for the absorber’s efficiency: the ability to absorb as much solar energy as possible; and the lowest possible heat losses from heat transmission. Black coatings were once used very often to absorb solar energy, but they unfortunately also lose around 50 percent of the incident energy through heat transmission. As a result, only 50 percent of the heat energy could be used. 

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