Introduce Nam Tien Thinh Company

Nam Tien Thinh Company is the sole agent of FUJIFILM Company in the South of Vietnam . Our company provides products such as:  PRESCALE Pressure Measurement Film, THERMOSCALE Thermal Distribution Film, UVSCALE UV Distribution Measurement Film …  Please contact us for technical advice. like best price.

 In addition, Nam Tien Thinh Company specializes in providing all automation equipment, machines, tools, tools, consumables … for many factories, joint ventures … such as: PVD, PV Pipe, Strategic Marine VT … with European, American and Japanese standards.

Products at Nam Tien Thinh Company provide a wide variety of quality, designs and meet all the requirements of customers.

Depending on the supply contract, Nam Tien Thinh is also a reputable partner of major brands in the world such as Eilon Engineer, SFK, FARO, Schneigder Electric …

Please contact us for the best service.

We always want to be a reliable FRIEND in your business activities.

Nam Tien Thinh Production & Trading Co., Ltd sincerely thank you for your attention and support to the business activities of our company.


– Transaction name: NTT Trading Co., Ltd

– Address: 6 Street 9, Cityland Residential Area, Ward 10, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City

– Director / Legal Representative: Do Thu Hoai

– Phone: (028) 22 53 3625 – Fax: (028) 22 53 2968

– Business license: 0313209169 – Date of issue: April 14, 2015

– Account information: Nam Tien Thinh Trading And Production Company Limited

– Account number: 1013318557

– Bank: Vietcombank Gia Dinh branch

– Year of operation: 2015

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